GOP-1.3.1-11 / C operation of the energy storage devices coordinate deployment of new information technology systems for residential and business users

Details of Project:

Contest is designed to develop a marketable new information technology system, which can provide together to optimize energy produced by renewable energy generating systems, storage, and use, that is, the minimum loss of energy transitions in the production, storage, and between consumption. Strive to develop a thoughtful energy system, which in the circumstances is able to achieve the greatest energy savings for heating and electricity produced from renewable energy storage and consumption control.

Justification of the project implementation:

Current project is designed with a modern energy optimization techniques, the development of environmentally conscious spirit. In 1972 appeared Meadows: a study by the limits of growth, in which the world's major metabolic systems examined in a computer model called World3. The model shows the world's population, the per capita consumption growth, and consequently an increase in pollution, as well as unlimited use of resources, leading to a global environmental disaster. Almost 40 years after the publication of the research, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) study concludes that fit the curves with surprising accuracy the statistical forecast. Mankind has not made any substantive steps to avoid collapse. Yes indeed difficult to give up the usual kényelmünket and energy wasting our assets. In recent years, the rise in prices due to more and more people are looking for alternative ways of solving energy use and reduce costs.
Energy to the national grid consumption varies greatly depending on the time of day and season. Night minor in consumption, while during the day when people are active in their homes, and also production plants start up, an increase in consumption. Following are the top consumer education and work period, the households where the majority of people television, radio, using a computer trying to get some rest after a busy day. The amount of electricity consumed to a large extent influenced by the seasons in addition to the alternation of day and night. For example, in temperate climates greater consumption of electricity in the winter when the days are shorter, and the consumption of thermal energy for heating increases the advent season. The utilization of renewable energy just to make it more difficult to established patterns of consumption and demand does not necessarily coincide with the period when the production of this energy as possible. The utilization of solar energy sunlight, air movement is the szélenergiáéhoz strength is needed, but not nearly certain that the consumer demands coincide with the hours of sunshine, or wind movement's strength. Operation of renewable energy generation systems, as well as consumer demands on the time to solve two different tasks require. One is to prevent wasted energy produced by renewable bad-generating system. This is appropriate if the amount of energy produced consumer at the time interval is not currently required. The second task is to place the generated energy is already available, usable for the consumer as and when they need it. Both the energy storage is a problem solution. In order to be produced and unused energy can be stored efficiently, regardless energy service provider (a certain amount parties are not obliged to accept fed to the grid of electricity) to the grower needs, as well as a technological system's own energy showcase, capacity, typically stand-alone and thus is independent from external service providers. The energy storage is a process in which some type of energy is stored for later use. In some cases, the energy is not always available in an amount as required by the consumer. When this occurs, the energy storage of excess energy charge and discharge, when consumption is greater than the energy produced. In addition, attention should be paid to the central problem of management is that the conversion of energy (energy storage works on this principle) always involves a loss. This loss must be reduced to the lowest possible level, which optimized. The energy conversion process is always less than 100% efficiency occurs, the more energy transformation takes place, the greater the energy loss should be minimized in the system conversion was your energy frequency.
Therefore the need for a new information technology system development, which is the user's preferences and the taking into account energy production opportunities, and can be tuned to minimize the energy loss of energy stored in the correct manner and then returned to the proper place of consumption.To optimize the use of energy produced.

Project activities, production processes, new technologies, processes:

Applied (industrial) research is the electricity produced from renewable sources of energy based on the user's needs in the accumulation of energy storage and the use of in line with consumer demand and bringing them into line with the external factors (eg, weather). This new information technology system is one of the pillars of the observation. Our goal is to develop a technology that could help various measurements observing the one hand, consumer habits and energy needs. Collect data on time windows, as to when and why the operation, how much of what type of energy. On the other hand, monitors external factors can affect energy production, such as the current weather conditions, also taking into account the weather forecast and calculate the seasons change due to changing consumer demand, and energy production facilities (for variables Sunshine Hours, windy weather, sun angle of incidence, etc. ). Using this information, you can keep control of the energy storage location, taking into account the expected and actual consumer demand. The system directs the path of the energy between the various storage units so that the energy corresponding to the energy storage system required are consuming escape, so that the least possible conversion to minimize energy losses to suffer. For example, if 11KW of renewable energy produced on demand but only 5KW, 6KW the remaining energy is routed reservoir from which production decreases with the least possible loss of energy can be recovered in accordance with the needs of consumers. For example, if it will be necessary thermal energy to the observed patterns of consumption that (for example the heating season), you can store the remaining 6 KW of energy a battery can not happen, but in a water tank and a heat pump which can be produced more economically from the heat. The energy conversion losses are kept to a minimum so that maximum efficiency by providing significant energy quantities can be saved.
A second pillar that is this innovation that the data gathered using the most optimal energy efficiency levels reaching able to manage this complex energy storage and recovery system. After evaluating the data obtained during the observations by directing energy production, storage, consumption of a system that all of this is best possible result. The storage capacity is to implement novel technological solutions, and so batteries (electrical, thermal, mechanical) plan of the energy storage systems, which have the least amount of loss can be recovered from it. You need to have the generated excess energy into those storage units Deliver, which optimally can use the stored energy when it ceases production of energy.
The devices (eg solar cells, heat pumps, etc. ... as well as connecting IT equipment, cables) would be a prototype and experience gained by optimizing the operation could be used in the future when the company built elsewhere in a system based on the needs of individual clients. Thus, the project will help the company to introduce a new service, which focuses on building systems based on renewable energy deployment could then be undertaken. Including how sensors (thermometer, luminance meter, wind speed meter) to be installed or to be installed, and what associated hardware required.

Market demands, sustainability:

This new technology system development of an information technology system would be the result, which are produced in line with the EU 2020 strategy and objectives, thus fulfilling the "close to zero" external power (A + rated buildings) buildings requiring Directive 2010/31/EU . If the company gets the opportunity to obtain the benefit of this system is to develop the market would gain an advantage over competing companies, because now we can provide a complete solution right in 2020, entering into EU rules System. In addition, the developed system, and experience gained in building market share we gain support offered under the new Széchenyi Plan renewable energy source implementation of (Green Economic Development Program) applications, a major market would be in the business sector.
Our company has been dealing IT , building automation and power solutions in construction. In constant contact with our customers arrived to information, which is increasing as the demand for alternative and renewable energy using technical solutions. Serious investment matter if the customer would like to use renewable energy to reduce energy costs, and eco-friendly resort is trying to use green energy, energy is provided to the public service. We believe that everyone is entitled to expect that a similar order to make the most of investment, so that the integrated system is running as efficiently as possible should happen with this optimizing energy efficiency. To do this, we want to contribute to this new technological developments. To meeting the needs of corporate and retail customers that are cost-efficiency and reduce environmental impact intended.
Recent years due to rising prices more and more people are looking for alternative ways of solving energy use and reduce costs. The cost of energy both directly and indirectly between the both corporate and residential energy users, so clearly promotes energy saving solutions.
Information technology development company with a new product or service would bring the existence of which could contribute to our revenue growth as well. With this development, an energy-efficient solution with the introduction of a new product could appear on the market, which in addition to raising revenue is to broaden our company profile. We have developed a new technology after implementation would like to supply industrial property as well. We believe that not only three years after the completion of the project, but also beyond, in the long run ensure operational sustainability (including foreign markets) is that there is a new information technology product is, in which direction maximum energy efficiency can be achieved with a powered While consumer storage system operation.

Project activity:

The project activities (12 months) is basically divided into three main sections:

  • In the first stage, which is approx. It would take one month to get into the IT tools and állítanánk your computer system.
  • The second phase would take place for the acquisition of all the other devices are set up to compile and test modes, based on this preliminary plans around. It would take 4-5 months.
  • In the third phase plan for system monitoring, data evaluation, preparation of studies, the results of its publication on our website, which also embrace a larger time span, according to preliminary plans around. 5-6 months.

The procurement hierarchy:

First, the computers will be procured. We need to get the tools for implementation and documentation, and publishing systems for staff involved in the project. Then follow the purchase of other assets, with the elements of a testing environment would be created, which the development of measurement tasks could be carried out so that it could produce a new innovative product, which would be carried out later on IP. The assets acquired would seek to ensure that the products we produce a new information technology system, we could show potential buyers in operation, that is itself a function and sustainability for several years biztosítanánk the acquired assets. Computer equipment (laptops, PCs) to flow development and evaluation of results, documentation, system and subsequently using it to prepare, customer liaison and marketing materials. The server is required for data collection, analysis, and consolidated the operation of systems. The uninterruptible power supply is needed for a stable server operation. Printer, copier need to know the wiring and the wiring diagram printed in a transparent manner, appropriate quality, reproduced, or scannelni and in the future they can be used both to produce their marketing materials. Solar panels, wind generators supply: it provides a renewable energy fed into the system. Battery, electric, heat pump, inverter, battery charger acquisition: These tools would provide the energy conversion and storage functions. Control electronics purchases: forming the measuring, regulating, intervening system for the acquisition of these assets, which carries out the optimal operation and provide data for effective development (metering system, automation controller, temperature gauges, weather observers devices, light detectors). We do not just tools in the application connected to the system, but also linking this (nevertheless acquired through the application tools alone can form a functional system) through their own efforts acquired assets to the system that the device harmonization we can tailor the equipment each support system that provides optimum energy efficiency.

Staff participation in the project:

  • One with a higher degree of technical development (Geza Benedek) participates in the physical construction, he carried on the harmonization of the systems, the development of the user interface, preparation of system designs, preparation of system documentation for the system operation, and publishing results would be his responsibility. It is planned that in case of successful tender he is 100%, ie the total project duration and total time of this development will be addressed.
  • One person secondary engineering technician (Peter Borbas) participates in the physical design of his mission summary and documentation of measurement results. Completion of the scheme of physical and mechanical changes, system administration. The planned use of the project, 50% of working time.
  • One person secondary technical developer and one person secondary engineering technician (Zsolt Javorka and Peter Molnar) participates in the physical construction, they were carried out by the systems testing of new defects and deficiencies in, help system design plans, assist in selecting the techniques used to address the problems. Analysis of the data obtained, interpretation of results and in the light of the amendments to the proposed development will be a task. The planned development for using the working time is 50%, and the technician is working time will account for 50% of the project.


Calculating the aid of the work pro-rata wages were calculated, that is, one with a higher degree of technical fejlesztőnél 100% of salary, the one person secondary technical technikusnál 50% of salary, for one person secondary technical development of 50% salary, and 1 main secondary technical technikusnál 50% wage was calculated.

Technical and market advantages:

The development of basic technical advantages that a building is different engineering solutions in a complex, integrated system management, making compatible the impermeable engineering and technical solutions, integrated information control. Applied research results will be free of all conventional sources of energy, the so-called tight. As a result of development, supported by accurate measurement data rates of return we offer and present solutions to energy optimization, which is also on our part and also technical market advantage. Competitive advantage would be that the cost-benefit statements that could be what returns can be expected each system linking and co-operation. The vizualizációtól and the development of practical demonstration, we expect that potential customers and order numbers grow, so grow our revenue in the long term. It also would create a market advantage and competitive edge over our competitors. The test system is designed to assist our customers in making more compromises to save more and more sustainable system of choice. Market advantage would be that global energy demand could be managed by the available energy consumers to optimize operation efficiency. Our new opportunity and see a niche market for renewable energies in building construction with. Our goal is to develop more and more expensive energy dependence of minimum prices to promote solutions. The development of a forward-looking system, a huge market advantage and competitive advantage at a time when alternative energy stocks are exhausted (or energy prices skyrocket) will be prepared for our solutions can be energy efficient building constructions. Successful implementation of the project as our Baranja county, but according to preliminary survey of the South Transdanubian region would achieve a monopoly in the above technical solutions, which is a stable revenue, profit and long-term operation of the building blocks.