Conditions for the implementation of the project


The development of the system was needed in a real-life situations and the development of building consumer habits

  • for accurate measurement data
  • the development of new testing solutions
  • implemented developments, opportunities, potential buyers guide



Framework of the project equipment purchased

Renewable energy production facilities:
  • 11KWh high-performance solar system
    250w solar panels pieces
    3-phase inverter 12770W
    data capture


  • 1 KWh of wind generators
    vertical axis wind generator
    1-phase inverter 2000W


Energy storage devices:
  • Hydraulic energy storage               
    hot water buffer tank
    with cold water buffer tank


  • Electric accumulators
    160Ah LiFePO4 battery
    109V/30A- battery charger, LiFePO4
    LiFePO charge controller


Energy-consuming equipment:
  • Heat pump Zubadan                                   
    11.2 kW heating capacity
    10 kW cooling capacity
    heat exchanger
    heat pump control electronics


  • Electric motor
    55VAC (80VDC) 32kW motor
    AC motor controller 80V / 600A


Control intervening, measuring instruments:
  • iNELS controller automation
    lighting control unit
    temperature control controller
    consumption measuring system
    10-inch touch panel display


  • IP center
    iNELS central IP server
    recording intervening server                    
    network, switch
    Uninterruptible Power Supply