Energy storage

Energy storage problems:


  • The energy is a key problem of energy storage. Huge economic interests is in addition to economical and technically make it better for energy storage.
  • Renewable energy sources serious problem that is not uniformly have available forecasts impossible. Thus, efficient utilization of renewable energy sources, essential for efficient energy storage.
  • The energy conversion process is always less than 100% efficiency occurs, the more energy transformation takes place, the greater the energy loss should be minimized in the system conversion was your energy frequency.
  • The utilization of renewable energy just to make it more difficult to established patterns of consumption and demand does not necessarily coincide with the period when the energy required for the production possible.


  • Solar energy production:


  • Wind energy production:


The need to optimize the energy storage system:


  • In order to be produced and unused energy can be stored efficiently, the farmer needs to showcase its energy-capacity independent energy provider, and typically stand-alone, so the operation of a technological system is independent of the external service.
  • The energy storage is a process in which some type of energy is stored for later use. In some cases, the energy is not always available in an amount as required by the consumer. When this occurs, the energy storage of excess energy charge and discharge, when consumption is greater than the energy produced.
  • In addition, attention should be paid to the central problem of management is that the conversion of energy (energy storage works on this principle) always involves a loss. This loss must be reduced to the lowest possible level, which optimized.