Electric Car

55VAC asynchronous electric motor (80VDC) / 11.75kW (32kW peak)
Electrical motor control AC motor controller 80V / 600A brake servo
vertical axis wind turbine support structure
109V/30A-es battery charger, LiFePO4 battery (26 cell)
83.2 V 160Ah LiFePO4 battery pack 26x3, 2 charging controlle

VTSZ: 8501 2000 Electric motor, asynchronous 55VAC (80VDC) / 11.75kW (32kW peak)


IEC-standard, extremely high quality engines that meet all international standards and specifications. Block B3, B5, B14, small and large flange, and in combination with an engine installed in many aspects of our industry withstood the most severe conditions than rehearsals. Detailed engine test data in Annex motor data sheet.

VTSZ: 8536 1099 Electrical motor control AC motor controller 80V / 600A brake servo

Nominal battery voltage 48 - 72-80 - 96V DC Maximum power: 550 ARMS (3 '), 48 V, 450 ARMS (3') 72-80 - 96V Dimensions: 275 x 373 x 124mm AC3 represents the asynchronous motor controller State of the art technology. (IMS Power Module, flash memory, microprocessors Logic, CAN-Bus). IMS MOSFET Technology High Frequency Switching Silent Microprocessor Technology Anti-Roll-Down Anti-Roll-Back sensor calibrations (via digital console) Sensor Error Detection braking Belly switch, anti-choice option on the digital mixer Heat startup procedure RS 232 serial line Can Bus flash memory coded error messages with E-Eprom LED flash Logbook recording errors correction in digital console is connected to the RS-232 (or a computer program for Win) It is possible to identify 10 sets of parameters set performance parameters: maximum speed, maximum speed backwards, downsizing Speed 1, Speed 2 reduction, acceleration, deceleration, maximum current internal battery status indicator of clock Meter Reverse polarity protection of the driver Main (line) Electromechanical brake contactor driver protection: IP64 Security with European CE standards

VTSZ: 8536 4055 109V/30A-es battery charger, LiFePO4 battery

Internal integrated PFC, does not interfere with the power supply, high voltage power electric resistance. Wide input voltage range AC85V ~ AC265V available worldwide requirements, convenient electric network functions are exported. High, above 93% efficiency, while only 80% efficiency for conventional chargers meet Intelligent temperature compensation function in the charging process to prevent damage to the battery. significantly extending battery life Available in a variety of batteries such as lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4, etc., freely programmable, the charging and the set of 10 specific algorithms.Equipped with CAN communication interface to achieve real-time communication with BMS.

VTSZ 8507 6000 83.2 V 160Ah LiFePO4 battery pack, 26x3, 2 charging controller

Nominal capacity 160Ah Operating voltage charging: 100.5 V, discharge 65V, maximum charging current ≤ 3ca, Maximum discharge current DC ≤ 3ca, Pulse Power / impulse current ≤ 10CA, Standard charge / discharge current ≤ 0.3cm Lifetime charge-discharge cycles 0.8C ≥ 2000 0.7cm ≥ 3000, outside the house in maximum temperature ≤ 250 ° C Operating Temperature Range Charge / Charge -25 ° C to +75 ° C Discharge / Discharge -25 ° C to +75 ° C ≤ 3% monthly self-discharge, weight 78kg ± 1Kg