Compact air / water heat pump (water pressure hydraulic blocks, recirculating pump, buffer tank and safety shut-off fittings, fully automatic).

The outdoor unit is suitable for three different performance. Heating mode, hot water.
Essential feature is that cast heater will not change (depending on model) - 15C °.
Supply: 400V, 50 Hz
Temperature range: - 20C ° - +35 C ° ( heating and hot water modes)
Required Breaker: 3 x 20A (without auxiliary heating)
Compressor: fuel injection (liquid injection), scroll
buffer tank (very important because the defrost cycle)
pump (high flow pump for great COP)
electric auxiliary heating (can be several levels, performance is dependent on model)
condenser (double walled heat exchanger spiral flow resistance low)
automation (Siemens RVs control, a variety of advanced comfort and optimizing function)
Other elements: expansion tank, safety valve, pressure
booster heater (eg gas boiler) Turn the heater power required
for weather heating and cooling control
external Training temperatures averaging basis (additional savings!)
Setting time programs, comfort and economy temperature levels
DHW setpoint control of multiple, time program
web remote management possible
Hungarian-screen remote control is optional
heating circuit regulation of several possible